Salon Policies

Appointment Cancellation

We Kindly ask that should you wish to cancel your appointment that you give at least 48hrs notice.

Any deposits given for services (e.g. Colour, Keratin Blow Dries, Extensions) will be lost if the requirement is not met.

This policy is out of respect to our staff and clients, as less than 48hrs notice leaves less opportunity to fill the space


If for any reason you are running late please call us on 01753 642373, you can also send us a message on Messenger via our Facebook page and on Instagram should you not be able to call. All our team work extremely hard to keep to a schedule and make sure each client receives the appropriate amount of time to carry out the service. It is virtually impossible to accommodate lateness without disturbing and sometimes inconveniencing subsequent clients scheduled that day. Please be advised lateness of 10 minutes or more may result in the need to reschedule your appointment and loss of any deposit (if applicable).

Skin Testing

It is a legal requirement all clients who wish to have a colour service be Skin Tested 48hrs before the service is carried out, this is in the interest of every client’s well-being. This process takes seconds and is for your own safety , should you have any allergic reaction this will be present within 48hrs, this is very rare but can be anything from a slight itch or tingling to severe enough to lead to hospitalisation, a risk we are not willing to take and therefore we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any appointment should you fail or refuse to have one done.

Personal Belongings

We do not take any responsibility for the loss or damage (including clothing) of any personal belongings you choose to bring to the salon.

Please consider your choice of clothing (high necklines and collars are best avoided ) and whilst we follow strict health & safety guidelines on the provision of personal protect equipment (gowns and capes etc) suitable clothing should be worn to avoid any damage.

Can I pay for a haircut only without a blow dry?

The good news is our Blow Dry’s are complimentary when booking a cutting service, but unfortunately it is not possible to have a haircut without a blow dry. We need to see the cut when it is dry to assess whether or not it needs extra cutting and perfecting. Cutting the hair dry is a key part of making it perfect.

Is a ‘trim’ the same price as a haircut?

Yes, cuts of any length are charged at the same rate, they take the same amount of time.